MSSU: Punishing success since 2008

[Editor’s note: The original Southern Watch ran a post called Corn: Holed in which they criticized the administration for not giving men’s head basketball coach Robert Corn an interview for the open position of director of athletics. Like most of RTV’s decisions, it seems it was a dumb one.]

Meet Robert Corn.

His team is ranked No. 2 in NCAA Division II.  He was recently named National Div. II Coach of the Month. He led the Lions to the MIAA regular-season title last season.

He can coach, it seems.

Mr. Corn graduated from Missouri Southern. He has served on the Alumni Association board. He has coached basketball here forever. The community loves him. We have pools about when he will throw off his suit jacket. He is a mentor to NFL Hall of Fame lock Rod Smith. He is a protege to people like Bartow and Krzyzewski.

He is respected, it seems.

And in the past couple of years he has won a conference title, achieved MSSU’s highest national ranking ever, hosted two Division I exhibitions, been nationally recognized and continues to be  a solid role model for his young men.

This guy applied for the job of MSSU director of athletics in 2009. He didn’t even get an interview. In fact, he got demoted. He was an assistant director of athletics at one time. Then he lost that title and didn’t get the courtesy of an interview for a job he arguably earned long before.

How did he respond?

With excellence. With class. With everything his bosses lack.

He didn’t get the job he applied for. But he won.

Let those asshats match that.



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