A wonderful dance where no reporters take a turn

The search for a new VP for Development is a sham.

It’s Jo Jo a Go Go. And we all know it. And, again, that might be the right thing. In fact, in this case, with this choice, it is.


Could someone ask her or him or whoever is taking over for Mark “Getting out of town like Harold Hill” Parsons that they need to raise some serious cash. Especially since Jo Jo stood up with Hill, er, Parsons, last February and announced the Plaster Sports Complex.

Mark Parsons getting his ass out of town after implementing the "Think System."

Which isn’t fully funded. The football portion won’t begin for five years or so and requires a hefty fundraising effort.

As do the first priorities: the baseball stadium and end zone building.  How is that one going?

So we respond by….well getting ahead of ourselves.

Mr. Cart, may I present Mr. Horse. He gets to go first.


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