Call it what it was

We don’t want to beat a dead horse.

But we don’t want the people who put it down to get away with saying it committed suicide, either. Missouri Southern fired Bart Tatum. And it doesn’t have the guts to say it. Tatum can’t say it, either. Nor can his players.

But what they say says volumes.

As we said yesterday, a man that talks about an upcoming “magical” season and how his family has been knocked to the ground and about how he is “crushed,” didn’t just resign.

And listen to this language from Kellen Cox, a junior wide receiver:

“… knowing that we’re making strides … there were people above Coach Tatum who didn’t see that quite like we did. There has to be change when we’re consistently 3-7, 4-7, and we’re not giving the product that everyone wants. I believe that’s why it led to this decision.”

People above Coach Tatum. This decision.

A Southern Watch reader commented on yesterday’s post by saying we can’t call Tatum Asshat of the Week and call him a victim at the same time. Yes we can. The Fort Hays State loss and this change of coaches are two separate events.

Our point remains. This is an administration that likes to send people to the guillotine with no blood on its hands. The not-so-carefully choreographed quotes from Tatum, Bruggeman and players shows the true story.

If the Tatum family is crushed by this, and everyone wants him back, don’t accept his resignation.

This place is just not honest. And somehow, despite his flaws, Bart Tatum will be better off without the people who run it.


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