Asshat of the Week

Surprise. It’s Poppy.

How could I be a bigger dickhead?

This decrepit old fuck doesn’t like when the Faculty Senate doesn’t play nice.  Listen, your geriatricship, you can fuck off.

This administration is killing this place like like Jack the Ripper with a scalpel and a bottle of Wild Turkey. And you are part of it and got your job because Brad was smart enough to bail, you were looking for a retirement community, and Missouri Southern is just fucked up enough to think you area good idea.

You know what? The Faculty Senate has more terminal degrees (to remind you, that is a Ph.D or a FAD or a Juris Doctorate) than the Presidunce Council.

Oh, and how “collegial” is it to target for removal or attack anyone who  questions anything?

And Rich Tenor Voice is singing like a pussy, making sure his charges are treated well at Faculty Senate meetings.


One Response to Asshat of the Week

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Welcome back Southern Watch! We missed you. I laughed, I cried. Keep up the good work! They WILL keep doing shit.

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