Here’s to the new search. Same as the old search.

We’ll probably get screwed, if not fooled, again.

We are down to two for the Big Fundraising Kahuna sweepstakes. And we are underwhelmed. You can read the bios here.

You know, Graffam is an alumna. She has been here for a year or so and she is a local product. Such targeted hires are fine. She might be the right one right now.

But we see a bigger issue.

The university is continually elevating to vice president people the academic departments would not even consider for assistant professor. For those posts, you often read this language: “Ph.D required, ABD considered.” For our VP slots, the ad might as well read, “Got a master’s degree? Willing to kiss ass?”

We mean, really, think about this one. You can’t bring in two or three docs for this gig?

Again, maybe Graffam is the right fit. But the pool is shallow. And Bruce is the selection committee chair. Will he overrule himself? No. He will pick who will do whatever he wants, right or wrong.

Think about this: The same kind of selection process was conducted for VPAA. And we got AJ. Who makes Brad look like Mother Teresa. And the number of persons on Presidunce Council with doctorates are in the minority.

You are now attending/teaching/working at a community college.


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