Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon has appointed James Fleischaker to the MSSU Bored of the Governors, according to reports in The Bruce Speck Times, er, Joplin Globe.

Campus sources tell The Watch that the appointment sends MSSUs horse’s ass to the glue factory. Mighty Dwight Douglas is on his way out. Nixon has silenced The Mouth that Roared.

Don't let the door hit you in your ample thinking place

The appointment accomplished two things:

  • The removal of a man responsible (at least in large measure) for the botched hiring of Speck, the Speck extensions, a failed medical school project, neutering of the campus newspaper and various crimes against sanity.
  • The elevation of Lynn Ewing to the position of Grand Barrister Gasbag on the Bored.

And this likely makes Bruce I, grand imperial asshat, more vulnerable. Mighty Dwight was the playground protector of his fedoraship. Now that muscle is gone. If Karl Rove was Bush’s Brain, Douglas was Speck’s brain, balls, and brawn.

It ain’t exactly time to march around singing Ding, dong the witch is dead. But it is a start. Now the faculty needs to get back its mojo, grab the microphone and go Rambo. “I’m coming for you, Murdoch.”

And we all know who Murdoch is.


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