Show Art, don’t warehouse it

Actual photo of MSSU property


This one is hilarious.

What if you were in possession of tens of thousands of dollars of art? What would you do?

Well we would display that shit right up front.

Bruce? He warehouses it.

Follow us. Ever see the cable show Pawn Stars? See that picture of Morrison and, most recently, Hendrix? The ones with all the wild colors?

Those are Denny Dent originals and worth thousands. Southern has at least four. Under tarps in storage.

Ignored ever since the renovation of the Billingsly Student Center and construction of the recreation center.

How much are they worth?

Internet searches found dealers selling similar originals for:

Albert Einstein: $15,000

Billy Joel: $12,500

Jimmy Hendrix: $35, 000

John Lennon: $25,000

Dent painted these for a Campus Activities Board event in 1990. They were hanging in the Lions Den until the remodel. Now they are under tarps is Bob the Builder’s shop.



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