Asshat of the Week

Word is that The Fedora’d One said at the Bored of the Governors meeting that this is the most open and transparent of administrations and it practically invented shared governance.

The previous administration was, as per the usual U line, the devil.

Julio Leon was not the most consensus building president ever (duh), but he didn’t “buy” a Faculty Senate president with tenure against the committee’s recommendation. He didn’t stop speaking to the press. He never faced a vote of no confidence. He didn’t sing about layoffs after he said “nothing is sacred” and talked about furloughs.

What did Leon do? He grew the university. He picked up the gauntlet of a university dedicated to international education and made it real and real good. He advocated effectively for Missouri Southern in Jefferson City, spearheading an effort to make up historical funding shortfalls for some institutions. And, lest we forget, he was the one who hatched the idea of a health sciences building. Athletics? It was under the “previous administration” that the Leggett & Platt Athletic Center was built. The mansion renovation? Started under Leon. Leon increased dorm capacity. Leon’s team replaced the outdated turf at Hughes Stadium. Leon’s team found ways — in trying times — to respect faculty and staff with cost of living raises. And his team never reclassified them to hourly and cut their vacation time in half after those people were hired under different circumstances.

The “previous administration” rewarded long-time service and didn’t punish people for asking questions. This administration wants to eliminate those who have served so well for so long. And dissent? Questions? Ask the English department and The Chart how that is handled.

Sure, RTV. We have reached a “milestone.” But you have the car in reverse.

5 Responses to Asshat of the Week

  1. George says:

    People need to take responsibility. RTV shouldn’t blame Julio Leon. Leon had class; RTV is a clown/buffoon.

  2. Jo Blo says:

    I think you jumped the shark with your conspiracy theory about the privatization of MSSU. That you have missed the news coming out of the recent faculty organization meeting means you don’t really have the “network” of sources you seem to claim. Please shut down. You are accomplishing nothing.

    But if you want to devote real effort to something, think about TR Hanrahan who was just fired. Speck at MSSU begs for evidence of retribution by administration. Is this not a clear example? Advisor of year last year; reporter of year this year. WTF?

  3. Jo Blo says:

    Hey, feel free to remove my comments. They’re not intended for public view.

  4. foofram says:

    Hey, at least SW is trying.

  5. George says:

    Okay, guys, when is enough enough? No longer does it matter, the truths that are published in the Chart and on this blog, and in the Turner report. What does matter is the appearance of ineptitude. All the reports, of bought Faculty Senate Presidents, of feeble, mistaken attempts to bring a med school here, of lies of openness in governance,of “toe our mark” or we’ll fire you, or just the general buffoonery exhibited by the current president. We have a board of governors, many of who’s terms are expired, with an agenda that no one knows about. With pride those of us alumni look to the former president as he uses his talent of far-sightedness to create a university. I know that many people read this blog. The movers and the shakers, and the interested people, citizens and alumni of MSSU. IT IS TIME TO STOP!!! It can’t continue! The appearance of ineptitude is now the most important thing. Dr. Speck, get yourself an image consultant! If you want to stay in the job, then turn it around!! You can do it. If you don’t, then you are just as the people who input on this blog say you are. You have created not an atmosphere of openness, of team building–rather you have an atmosphere of FEAR!! No good thing can come of it!!!


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