Our apologies

Obviously, the basis for our report yesterday was what we heard about the meeting. We only mentioned Dr. Simpson because his status changed right after the meeting and that seemed fishy. Also, many campus tongues were wagging about it. We were hardly the first to “out” him. But we did so online.

In fact, because of the change in English dept. he is the only one we were told about by name. We assumed some here and we shouldn’t have. If we caused distress, we apologize. And we apologize to the admin. for jumping to conclusions.

Dr. Simpson’s comments on the post appear here:

I just heard that my name showed up on Southern Watch and so thought I would see what was said about me. I am concerned that “out” implies that I was fired. I wasn’t fired; I resigned effective May 31 in a memo dated April 4. It was my choice.

Secondly, despite the fact that the HLC visitor assured the faculty and staff that all comments and participants’ names would be kept confidential in that open meeting–not relayed to the administration in their report–you just reported that some of my faculty and I spoke. And my name is the only one you named. So much for confidentiality.

I can’t say whether or not there was a “mole” in that meeting. Maybe there was, but the fact is that I had already composed my resignation letter over the weekend before the HLC visit.

You leave your readers with the impression that my being out is retaliation. Not so; I didn’t give the administration the chance to do that.

Dale Simpson


One Response to Our apologies

  1. foofram says:

    Well done, Dr. Simpson! You leave on your own terms, with head held high… while the central administration tries desperately to parse your last sentence. You and your colleagues have my best wishes.

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