The carnage continues

One who has their head up their ass. Thus wearing their ass as a hat. Asshat
One who serves in Bruce W. Speck’s administration

The plane carrying the Higher Learning Commission focused visit team had no sooner cleared Joplin airspace than did AJ Anglin go Gaddafi on a faculty member.

The worst kept secret on campus is that after he and some of his department spoke to a HLC visitor about concerns, Dr. Dale Simpson is out as head of the department of English and philosophy.

This was also two days after Chart advisor TR Hanrahan found out from the published fall schedule book that he is apparently being shown the door. The Chart hasn’t been in good stead with the administration because it did its job and reported all the bullshit going on.

The signal is unmistakable. Even if you do your job well, if you disagree with the Dream Team, you will be punished. And if you think you are safe, staff, think again. Debbie Dutch Kelly smells blood in the water. Even if all of you keep your heads down and just toil in silence, the budget ax is coming.

The Chart advisor led the paper to award after award and was Missouri’s college newspaper advisor of the year in 2010. He is wildly popular with students. Sure, the newspaper’s coverage sank him. But Simpson’s crime was seeing problems and addressing them in hopes of improving things at MSSU.

Who is next?


One Response to The carnage continues

  1. Dale Simpson says:

    I just heard that my name showed up on Southern Watch and so thought I would see what was said about me. I am concerned that “out” implies that I was fired. I wasn’t fired; I resigned effective May 31 in a memo dated April 4. It was my choice.

    Secondly, despite the fact that the HLC visitor assured the faculty and staff that all comments and participants’ names would be kept confidential in that open meeting–not relayed to the administration in their report–you just reported that some of my faculty and I spoke. And my name is the only one you named. So much for confidentiality.

    I can’t say whether or not there was a “mole” in that meeting. Maybe there was, but the fact is that I had already composed my resignation letter over the weekend before the HLC visit.

    You leave your readers with the impression that my being out is retaliation. Not so; I didn’t give the administration the chance to do that.

    Dale Simpson

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