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Jo Blo says:

March 29, 2011 at 2:46 am

Never happen. MSSU is a state institution. The state owns it, not the president or board and they can’t “take it private”. That doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to dismantle tenure (and faculty excellence) and seek thousands of online students, though.


Here is how it will happen. The state will look to save its larger schools, such as the UM system and Missouri State. By allowing Missouri Southern to go private — in essence releasing the school — it will save something like $23m a year.

Would the Board of Governors (due respect here) ever vote to accept a privatization plan? It would if the state wanted it. And currently, a few expired seats remain on that board with more coming up.

Would the governor sacrifice Southern for political expediency (reducing government, private sector will solve, budget cuts)? Who knows. But it would position him to the right for re-election. And if he could appoint — in one move — a board majority that would agree (and General Assembly Republicans sign off ) to do so…

Southern could be the model for regional privatization.

We know we sound Oliver Stone here, but think about the movement toward private schools and against public schools at the K-12 level. Think about how Dr. Speck and Dr. Anglin (again, due respect) are moving against tenure and into the Jo Kroll redesign model. Think about how they are talking about alternative financing options. Think about the matching requirements for the recent donations for athletic facilities improvements. Think about more and more cosmetic changes and not academic ones. Think about the MSSU foundation growing. Will it become more of a sales force than a fund-raising one?

Get the picture?

Where is that money — especially for the stadiums — coming from? And won’t it be easier to get if “donors” get a possible return on their investment?

A lot of communities have said “It can’t happen here.”  But it usually does.


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