Please read, again.

We are telling you. The future of MSSU is very different than you think.

Why is the Bored of the Governors keeping a guy who stands up Catholics, sings about layoffs and insults others?

Because he is here to make a buck. Again. Watch College, Inc. It is a Frontline story that talks about the franchising of higher education. If you haven’t seen the signs by now, you probably never will.

Let us give you a preview of what is coming.

This Bored is heading in a for-profit direction. And it will make them money. We don’t know how. Maybe they will disband before going public and get in on the  intitial public offering.

Tenure for faculty is on its way out. At the Bored retreat, one governor asked why faculty were advocating for faculty issues. Hey, dickhead. Students and staff were advocating for student and staff issues. You just are anti-faculty at worst or anti-tenure at best. And the ability for departments to retain high-quality, dedicated and loyal teachers is pro-student, shithead.

What is happening is this school is going to the for-profit model of a manageable home campus student body and an explosive online enrollment.

Based on the film, here is what we would do if we were RTV and the Bored. We would seek private investment and take the U for-profit. Follow the lead of Grand Canyon University. Use the monies to meet the recent athletics facilities pledge demands and build from there.

Then we would phase out tenured PhD faculty except for deans and chairs.

Then we would raise tuition.

Then we would hire “recruitment coordinators.” These are salespersons. And they would “assist” students in getting loans they “could afford.”

Students get fucked. Faculty get fucked.

RTV and the Bored get fucking rich.



One Response to Please read, again.

  1. Jo Blo says:

    Never happen. MSSU is a state institution. The state owns it, not the president or board and they can’t “take it private”. That doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to dismantle tenure (and faculty excellence) and seek thousands of online students, though.

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