Just so you know, J-Red.

We don’t swear just for the hell of it. Language is a poor enough means of communication. We think we should use all the words we’ve got. Besides, there are damn few words that anybody understands.

The above is paraphrased from Inherit the Wind. Which is about censorship. And about free thought. And intellectual independence. The director of athletics has probably not seen it. Or read it. Or even knows about it. Literacy. Knowledge. Education. We guess those aren’t for you.

Here is another one:

All shine and no substance. Bert, Whenever you see something bright and shiny, perfect seeming, all gold, with purple spots, look behind the paint. And if it is a lie, show it up for what it is.

And another one:

The individual human mind. In a child’s power to master the multiplication tables, there is more power than in all your shouted holy holys and hosanas. An idea is a greater monument than a cathedral.  And the advance of man’s knowledge is more a miracle than any sticks turned to snakes or any parting of waters.


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