This is too much fun. A Dream Teamer is pissed.

We got this post from LL Cool J-Red:

Our comments are, as always, in bold. Man, we didn’t even give him shit. Are these people really so sensitive?

Your profanity and delibertly Hey, dude. We know you are a jock and stuff. But if you sit with the Bored of the Governors, like, man, learn to duh, like spell. It is deliberately. hurtful characterizations of good and caring people is unexcusable.  It is inexcusable. Do you have a spell check? If you want to discuss this further stop by my office. This is jared bruggeman. Well, satire is part of being a public figure. They may be good. They may be caring. Their dogs may like them. They also may be Assclowns. Have you ever taken a shot at a person that genuinely believed they were doing good? Glass houses, LL-Cool J-Red. If you want to discuss this further, comment here again. And, sir, why is a little comedic blog so troubling to you?

And here is a question, your doucheship. Why did you demote Robert Corn? A good and caring person. He seems to lately be kinda doing a good job. We guess because you didn’t cuss, it was OK.

Intercourse You.


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