Hi. I am Darren. It wasn’t my fault. Bruce says so.

The recent idiotic decision to ban students who have to be in buildings after hours in order to complete their academic programs has taken a new twist.

Now, students will be allowed into the buildings because faculty have volunteered to give up their lives outside work in order to babysit students who don’t need it. Or we will pay work study students to really keep these radical one-act play fuckers in check. Money well spent, RTV.

We hear Poppy isn’t happy that the admin got some bad pub on this. No worries, go back to your nap. Bruce has this one.

In the latest edition of The Chart (which seems to be getting back in the game after a layoff), Speck givesĀ  cover to the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee that came up with this policy. Then he goes further. He covers the backside of what time travelers have told The Watch is the once and future vice president for student services.

You see, Darren “you to ask if I’m qualified” Fullerton told people about this. Students apparently “weren’t served” because the department heads fucked up. Darren communicated this.

If anyone in theatre has a smart phone, we will pay (in Lion Bucks, of course) for a picture of Jim Lile’s face when he reads that.

And RTV came charging into Joplin saying “Call my secretary and make an appointment.” The man o’ the peeps didn’t talk to a single student about this. We hear he actually bailed out on a Friday to avoid students but made the Joplin home show.

What a fuckin’ populist.


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