You really like me!

Well, apparently Pool Boy Darren is one of the top dogs now.

After a national search of course, wink wink.

According to the latest missive from her royal highness, DDK, HRH, there is a job opening for vice president of student affairs. And holy shit! It has stringent job requirements! You must just be Darren Fullerton.

Watch. He will get the job. It isn’t even subtle this time. Cheryl Ciffelli’s promotion and tenure process was black ops compared to this.

One Watch writer said any teacher on campus might qualify. It is a VP slot with massive responsibilities and a PhD preferred is not even a requirement.

This is not even something we can make fun of.  It isn’t funny. It is just blatant bullshit.  If this dildo isn’t appointed, we will publish a special post making fun of ourselves.

Shit. Doug Carnahan deserves it more. And he is more qualified.

What if we start a campaign?


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