We have some opinions, too

Editor’s Note: OK. We admit it.

We are holding our world headquarters meetings for the moment at the Tornado Lounge in Pttsburg, Kan., because they keep school open.

According to the Monday Joplin Globe, the MSSU faculty is prepping a survey.

That isn’t news. What is newsy in the story is the imcompitance with which they are conducting it.

The Globe story says the survey would be ready to be administered in April if not sooner. One would hope so. If it is administered in April, its results would fall on even more deaf ears than previous faculty (and student– LGBT) communications to the Bored of the Governors.

By April, the semester is winding down. If administered then, participation would be lower. Also, if administered then, the results would take time to be tabulated and analyzed. So would they be ready for the Bored’s April meeting?

Not likely. That leaves May. And by May the Higher Learning Commission has left and the Bored just gives another Fuck You to the faculty.

We don’t have a dog in the hunt. But if the faculty is trying to get some changes forced, they need to consider timing. We guarantee the administration does.

In fact, if this survey doesn’t have results ready by the focused visit, AJ Anglin will use it against the faculty. Just watch.



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