Carnahan 2011

Doug is qualified, but I am COOL!


We tried to Google a picture of Dean of Students Doug Carnahan to promote him for VP of Student Affairs, but couldn’t find one.

But our searches found pictures of Bruce W. Speck and Joplin Globe Publisher Micheal Beatty. How fun is that? How surprising?

We will not be deterred.

We want Doug!

Carnahan is the man!

Fullerton is Fullofit!

Conduct a real search. Or promote the guy who paid the dues. Not the one who kissed the ass.


One Response to Carnahan 2011

  1. Black Opps says:

    Why not conduct a legitimate national search? Not Darren, not Doug, but a highly qualified Ph.D. who has new ideas and new approaches. What new, innovative approaches has Darren introduced in the year he’s been interim? Nothing; it’s been business as usual. Colleges and universities are doing all sorts of exciting things in the world of student services. Just managing a rec center, a pool, and an intramurals program is not enough these days. We need new leadership. Darren might make a fine Dean of Students, although that person typically has a doctorate as well. By making someone with only a master’s degree a VP, we’re just reaffirming our image as a glorified junior college. Don’t forget that our VP for Business has only a bachelor’s!

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