And the smart moves keep on coming…

The MSSU commercial on Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast that encouraged students to enroll now, that classes begin Jan. 17 was laughable.

But right up until now, the old U has handled the weather situation fairly well. Like we said, “until now.” The braintrust has started a shitstorm on its Facebook page with this:

Missouri Southern State University

Missouri Southern State University All indications at this time are that the campus WILL BE OPEN on Thursday, Feb. 10.

7 hours ago

As of 2 a.m. there were 46 comments. And there are plenty of pissed off wall posts, too. Why in Hell’s acre would you post that? Just have no announcement canceling class and everyone assumes it is on. But this post just gave the students a platform to call the administration a pack of asshats. Does anyone teach public relations here?

The streets are a mess, students in our service area come from many rural areas. And says the temperature will reach the high 30s by Friday and the 40s over the weekend. Ditch one more day and be safe. All that would be lost would be one day of MWF classes (Wednesday) and one day of TTh classes (Today). And you have the cover of saying safety comes first and everyone else is closed.

But that would make sense. And the U has shown sense is something it has in very short supply.



2 Responses to And the smart moves keep on coming…

  1. faculty member says:

    There would have been one small problem with canceling class again today (Thursday). Thursday night classes have been canceled two out of the first three weeks of school and this would have made three out of four. For some classes missing three weeks wouldn’t make a difference perhaps (just kidding) but it would be disastrous in others. I am just pretending that I think the administration thought of that.

    • OK. We can see that.
      See a rationale. But we still maintain they shouldn’t have opened the social media pandora’s box. Just don’t say anything and everyone who can or will comes to campus. Say something and you start a riot. We study and work in Egypt.

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