Dear Faculty, Thanks for your feedback. Now go to hell.

Today, the Missouri Southern Bored of the Governors issued a heavy handed official statement about shared governance.

Rod Anderson, the Bored chair serving on an expired term, gave the meeting what he called the “Cliff’s Notes” of the complete statement. Not surprising, since that’s probably how he got through MSSU in the first place.

Since we weren’t there and don’t have a copy, we will summarize what we read when sent a copy via e-mail. Bear in mind, this is the “Monarch’s Notes” version:

We have seen the results of the shared governance satisfaction survey and considered it in depth.

We don’t give two shits what you think.

We want an open, collaborative atmosphere when it is convenient to us and when you agree with us.

We support Bruce Speck.

Kiss our collective ass.

We are soooooo making progress.


3 Responses to Dear Faculty, Thanks for your feedback. Now go to hell.

  1. MsShawsky says:

    Could the text of the statement you received be printer on the site? We can’t find a copy of it anywhere.

  2. We received a hand-typed version. Our watch party confirmed most of what we read.
    We weren’t there. It is a Friday meeting and we have to get our drink on.

  3. And we hear that at least one local media outlet is going to print it online.

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