Here we go again…

Do these fuckers ever think first?

Is it always ready…fire…aim?

A story by Derek “We just got our balls back” Spellman on the Joplin Globe’s website makes Missouri Southern look ridiculous. Derek, they can do it all by themselves…

Apparently, the U has a big fish (we be bettin’ one who told ’em to fuck off before) that wants the football stadium. He wants the cradle of mediocrity and unreported pot busts (of players in the dorms) and coaches who, according to one media source, want to “stab you in the neck and watch your futures bleed away.”

Cool. Football stadium sucks? Check. Big donor wants to write a check? Check, please. No problem.


The donor wants that cathedral of interceptions to his or herself.

We have no problem with that.


If it is not on the lines of PSU or such (we will exclude the grossly over-the-top JungleTron), then is it worth it?

This is so anti-Republican in a GOP area. Don’t piss off the base. Man, all this crowd does is piss off the base. It is Obama without the hope for fuck’s sake.

The Hughes family is Missouri Southern’s base. Let’s see… Initial Chair of the Boart of Regents. Publisher of The Joplin Globe. What a second rate fuck.

Mr. Hughes? Norval Mathews is waiting to buy you  a drink.

Come to our weekly meeting at Blackthorn and we will teach you MSSU shitholes some public relations. This could have been done. (Should have been done is not under consideration under this scenario).

First, you get the damn deal signed. Then you get artists’ renderings that make this stadium look so fucking cool. Then you announce the project and how you want to reach out to the Hughes family for ways to honor Fred.

Sure, you take some heat. But it is one story and the future is out front. Here, they let the fucking media frame the story. And break the story. Will that endanger the donation?

It isn’t that we don’t like the U. It is that these assclowns running the place are, well, assclowns.

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


One Response to Here we go again…

  1. jack says:

    As a MSSU custodian and wanting to give $430.00 and ask that a janitorial closet be named after me, I am now starting to rethink that decision. I now worry that someone with $10,000,000. will want to come in and change my closet’s name.
    Oh, what to do!

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