They keep doing stuff, don’t they?


The Chart is reporting today that an admitted embezzler has a signed contract with the U for $49K+.

The story implies (correctly), but doesn’t say outright that something is fishy here. What it doesn’t say is that Missouri Southern hasn’t hired full-time faculty at the “instructor” level for years. In fact, one university source said they thought that rank had been eliminated.

But this person has a signed contract not as assistant professor (which has been the lowest designation for a while now) but at the thought-extinct instructor level. Why?

Again, the article gives us the information to draw the conclusion that the Dream Team knew about his little, er, difficulty in Ohio and low-balled him on salary. They could resurrect the instructor rank, pay 85% of CUPA for that instead of 85% of the higher rank. They had him over a barrel.

Under that scenario, a couple of questions emerge:

1. Since the U knew about the plea, it couldn’t now claim he lied or misled them. So would MSSU keep him on as an “instructor?” And if not:

2. Would it have to buyout the contract?

If this scenario were correct, Result A would be that the U keeps him on and looks like idiots and loses credibility for its biggest academic school, earning the designation as Embezzler U.

Result B is that the U sends him packing but has to honor the contract because he signed it in good faith and the U knew about the plea all along. Then MSSU would be out a faculty slot and $49K and will have to pay twice.

Another possible scenario is MSSU didn’t know in advance and lets him go without a buyout. Under this one, the Dream Team just looks like a pack of asshats.

Under the scenario The Chart is starting to (quite effectively) outline, The Dream Team not only looks like a pack of asshats. It looks like a pack of sneaky, immoral, miserly asshats that wasted more than $49K.


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