Please retire and don’t ask for disclosure…


We are going to preface this post by saying we understand. It is a business decision. It may even be a wise one. But the way it happened seems to suck.

The “Dream Team” has concluded that it should offer incentives to the nearly 90 faculty and staff eligible for state retirement. Incentives to hit the road.

The U can then not replace them or replace them with adjuncts. Or replace them with astronaut chimpanzees who can click the mouse for Jo Krol’s cookie cutter classes.

We are willing to acknowledge economics. Kind of.

But the letter to supervisors affected said this was endorsed by the Bored of the Governors. When? In a public meeting?

We honestly don’t think this group could find its collective ass with a GPS device and ample tech support.


2 Responses to Please retire and don’t ask for disclosure…

  1. George says:

    Does anyone realize the total gutting of the university with this latest semi-forced retirement? The cream of the faculty are being asked to leave. Wow!!!

  2. Curious, George? says:

    It’s been clear for some time that the administration doesn’t value quality faculty. They’re just a cost that can be reduced by transitioning to contingent faculty. The retirement incentive is one sweet windfall for those who had already planned on retiring, too. I wonder if they considered that cost when they designed this plan. I also wonder if the public will get a full accounting of the plan after 12/1… Probably not.

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