Where is Julio Hall?

[Editor’s note: We tried to find a picture of Dr. Leon on the Internet. We couldn’t. He is probably protecting himself. We don’t blame him. He is still the epitome of class.]

We know this is going to go over like a turd in the punch bowl with some.

Too bad. Julio Leon really put this place on the map. And he fought like hell for it. If his name was Jim Lane, he would be on a building.

The xenophobes just don’t like foreigners.

It is sad to go by the new Ralph Gray Alumni Center.It is wonderful, but it isn’t a ‘Bruce Project.’

Julio Leon really supported that project. When he was named interim president of Missouri Southern State College in 1980, he had an office there.

This man gave his heart and soul to this school. And he got sold out. He isn’t the only one, either.

The Speck culture is one of fear. People are looking for ways out.


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