So we are assholes… but we ain’t alone

Some dickhead (we know, we are writing from the gutter again),  has created a Facebook page extolling the virtues of playing Roland Thompson at quarterback.

It popped up middle of last week. In five days, it has more than 90 fans and many of them have ties, we are told, to the football team and/or the MSSU athletic department.

Nathan Mills, an admitted dickhead, wrote a “column” making fun of Collin Howard’s interceptions. It is getting a lot of campus buzz. And we hear The Chart is getting some heat from the chief athletic supporter.

Fact of the matter is this: The quarterback hasn’t played up to par. Should he lose his job? Coaches make that call. But the performance hasn’t been there. It was a legit question.

Why doesn’t Roland get a shot?



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