Develop a kicking game

Remove football from the Missouri Southern portfolio.

There. We said it. Fucking A.

Why do we have a football program? With one ridiculous exception in the  early 1990s, we are losers. We don’t win much. We should thank Rod Smith, Richard Jordan, James Thrash and Alan Barbre and move on.

Our coach is an asshole. Our facilities suck. And it costs A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY.

Pump that money into saving the Spanish Village. Pump that money into cleaning up the mold in Leggett & Platt. Pump that money into keeping faculty and staff that keep students coming back.

Don’t pump it into a program that produces arrests, embarrassments, and losses. Pump it into a program that yields results.

Like the now-dead Spanish Village.

That little fucker yielded 41% return on campers who then later attended Missouri Southern. Let’s kill it.

We heard a Faculty Senate member asked if we were killing puppies, too.

Put that money into saving some majors. This week, the administration will meet with department heads to carve them up. An emergency meeting has been called with all arts and sciences department heads except English and communications. Don’t feel safe, E & C. They are coming for you next.

Still glad Julio is gone?

Many of you will have to punt.


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