Not DD O.K.

I suppose if you need someone to time how long it takes the average person to take a crap in order to charge vacation time for violators, Debbie Dutch Kelly is your go to, er, it?

But when it comes to protecting the human rights of others, please keep her as far the fuck away as possible.

Today, the Bored of the Governors reported that she has given them “information” about proposed changes to the U’s anti-discrimination policy that would include language to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students and employees. What the hell could Ms. Smiles offer?

We can tell you what. She is scared quiltless that same-sex benefits might be next. Holy 21st Century, Batman! Pass the premium on to the employees and do it if needs be. Even fucking Disney offers that!

Can you just hear DDK in the Lincoln cabinet room?

“This emancipation proclamation thing is nice, but next thing you know these slaves will want to own land, vote, get married and eat in our restaurants.”

No, they are lubing you up for their refusal to adopt that language in the policy. They will hide behind budget arguments, but the fact is they have their family values panties in a bunch because these people are “fag lions.” Their words, not ours.

Face it, Bored. You are bigots. You don’t like it that these folks scissor and put wee wees in poo poos. Get over it. They are here. They are queer. (or bisexual or transgender) And they deserve the same human rights and dignity as you well-heeled fatasses.

You have had this on your plate for nearly a year. What a disgrace.


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