Does this look like the face of a man who just told the faculty to piss off?

Rod Anderson doesn’t give a rat’s ass what faculty think.

Yeah, we know. “Thanks, Capt. Obvious.” But did he really just threaten the Faculty Senate if it conducts a survey of faculty concerns, suggestions, issues and ideas?

What an arrogant coward. They voted no confidence in RTV and you extended his contract, your planetship. How will this little survey be so counterproductive? What are you scared of Jabba the Butt?

When we graduate from MSSU, we will fondly remember the many great faculty here. Most really care about students and the U. Most want to make things better. We bet you might be pleasantly surprised by some of the answers.

But no. Instead you say you don’t want to hear it. You give instead a pre-emptive swirlie to the faculty.



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