Here comes the Bored

Hot Rod Anderson and the Dial Tones are playing a concert near you!

Mr. Term Expired will lead his team of Dwight Douglas sycophants into session in a matter of hours. If one of these stiffs asks Mark Parsons about the foundations sorry liquidity, we will shit. But they won’t. Instead, Double D will fold his clubbed little hands and talk about how his lap dog has increased the cash reserves. Then he will tell Cheryl “The Promotables” Ciffelli how nice she is. Then they will adjourn.

And faculty concerns that still exist will go unaddressed and unacknowledged. And the staff will get shafted. And the student representative will just look dazed and say we are OK.

Here are a few suggestions for the free thinkers:

Ask the Bored where the fuck the consideration of the anti-discrimination policy went.

Ask the Bored what became of the money and effort put into a storm/shelter/indoor practice facility?

Ask the Bored about the medical school project that produced expenses but no results.

Ask the Bored why its chair is sitting on an expired term.


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