Somewhere Jack Oakes is laughing his ass off

Editor’s note: No bankrupt nepotists were harmed in the creation of this post.

Boo Boo got the monkey off his back.

Jack Oakes is no longer the shortest-tenured Missouri Southern employee. According to a source with ties to the athletic department, Dwight Burgess is no longer the women’s soccer head coach. Burgess was named head coach July 29. Assuming his departure is as of yesterday (Aug. 11), his tenure lasted 14 days, besting by 3 the 17 days Oakes served as vice president for academic affairs.

Funny. Back then, RTV said he never should have announced Oakes’ appointment until a contract was signed. Did Burgess sign a contract? Did he back out or did the U change its mind?

The athletics department website does not list Burgess, but instead under coaches lists Christina Kleekamp as “acting head coach.” Kleekamp is a seasoned leader of Division II women. She graduated from MSSU way back in 2008. We are sure she is nice, and the season starts in two weeks so someone has to wear the whistle, but please.

What a clusterfuck.


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