Does the governor give a shit about MSSU?

Note: There are some hard questions that really need to be asked around Missouri Southern. And this post’s title is one of them. As we count down to the start of the school year, we will suggest things that the media should look into.

When you consider these facts it comes into question:

Rod Anderson is the Bored of Governors chair. Rod Anderson continues to serve on a term that expired Sept. 4, 2009.

This guy hangs up on reporters. And he is a repeat offender on that. And he is chair of the governing Bored.

Hey, we aren’t reporters. Don’t like the folks (would have said fuckers, but we are trying not to write from the gutter), and don’t want to be lumped in with them. But he should be a spokesperson, right?

And he is a Democrat. Doesn’t Nixon like lefties in his lineup? So why is he still not reappointed? Why is he still serving without appointment and without senatorial approval? And why did Doug Davis and “Poison” Ivy Love get kicked off and dicked over for the same thing?

Why is this guy still ruling the Bored?

If the governor likes him, fine. Reappoint the guy. If not, pick a new one. Just act. Good Christ, getting a student rep took long enough. Shouldn’t a Bored chair have a little bit of priority?


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