This guy is something else…

Bruce Speck just gave the Missouri Southern faculty a big Cleveland Steamer.

Everyone’s favorite pain in the ass, Randy Turner (meant as a compliment, RT), reports that The Fedora’d One has written a chapter for a book he is supremely unqualified to even own.

Perspectives on Fundraising deals with much more, however. In his chapter, he deals with more than just fundraising. He shits on the idea of faculty tenure, foreshadows increased fees (and we bet not just for students — stay tuned), tells the state to stay out of his sandbox, asserts that higher ed presidents don’t need to be academics (or even possess a terminal degree!), and basically asserts that shared governance is: do what I tell you or else. Here is one classic passage:

“Like staff, faculty can be engaged in decisions about how the university functions without the benefit of tenure. Clearly, however, the role of faculty in shared governance would change, because without tenure faculty members would have to adopt a new approach to shared governance that would likely require a more tempered and nuanced view of their other colleagues on campus (staff and administrators). In most cases, this new view would entail a greater focus on teamwork and the corporate good.”

Hey faculty, “tempered and nuanced view” means “bend over and take it.”


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