If The Chart pays an access fee, can they get an interview?

Last year, the campus weekly wipe, The Chart, did everything but buy a ticket to a Speck concert to talk to the “man.” Maybe his latest literary effort provides a clue to how those meddling kids can get access:

“At one campus where I worked, all students were charged a “campus access fee.” A parking permit was issued in response to this mandatory fee. However, if students did not own or drive a car on campus, they were required to pay the fee. An access fee by another name would be called a parking fee, but the virtue of a mandatory “access” fee for every student is that it brings in more revenue than a parking fee for just some students, and the moniker access is vague enough to cover a multitude of “access” issues.”

Apparently, RTV has an open door policy. He just charges for it.

Watch for it, faculty and staff. Parking fees are coming. And they won’t be cheap, either.


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